Cole Tierney

Software developer since 1990.
It's not done until it's documented.

Technical Skills

Work Experience

XSLT Projects

Relevant Skills

  • XSLT
  • xsltproc
  • wkhtmltopdf
  • pandoc
  • git
  • bash


  • Resume generator (2014 - to date)
    • Creates this resume
    • Supported output formats
      • pdf
      • html
      • ms word
    • Resume files rendered with xsltproc and GNU make
    • Files deployed to web server with git pre-receive hook
    • Tests written in bash with TAP formatted output
  • Workflow automation (2011 - 2014)
    • MacOS app plist updates
    • Product installers
    • CD-ROM masters
    • Email newsletter
  • Website updates (2010 - 2014)
    • Site map
    • RSS feed
    • Autism website creation and updates

Jekyll Developer

Personal - Adapt Github's Jekyll blogging platform to deploy on private web servers
Underhill, VT July 2022 – March 2023

Relevant Skills

  • jekyll
  • liquid
  • git
  • bash
  • markdown
  • yaml


  • Detect and mark rendered drafts with liquid templating
  • Using liquid, create a page for tags listing the posts where it is used
  • Maintain a page that groups posts by category
  • Add a page collection customized for displaying code
  • Deploy with git
    • Created a git pre-push hook to validate files being pushed
      • Check if a rendered file is a draft and optionally abort push if so
      • Ensure that all tag pages exist and optionally create them
    • Wrote a git pre-receive hook to deploy Jekyll's static site files
      • Uses git read/write tree to merge updates with the remote repo's index file
      • Updates files in the remote work tree

Engineer 2

Nordstrom - Credit data processing division
Denver, CO September 2021 – February 2022

Relevant Skills

  • python
  • aws
  • terraform
  • gitlab
  • ci-cd
  • ebcdic


  • Terraform
    • Worked on a system that sets up and tears down a Kubernetes cluster to isolate credit data operations to comply with SOC2 audits.
    • Contributed to a system to allow developers to work in isolated workspaces
  • AWS
    • Monkeypatching lambda functions to test with Pytest
  • CI/CD with Gitlab
    • Added pytest step to Gitlab pipelines
  • Decoded EBCDIC data received from main-frame computers using python

Software Engineer

Paragon ID
Essex Junction, VT November 2019 – March 2021

Relevant Skills

  • python
  • perl
  • mysql
  • ssh
  • rfid


  • Developed MySQL/Python software to support Matica RFID production machines
  • Ported perl post processing software to Python with tests written with pytest
  • Coordinate with France branch to integrate ASK RFID reader
  • Tuned client production report generation Perl script to reduce runtime from 2 hours to 5 seconds
  • Wrote a perl test suite with Test::More module
  • Wrote modules in Perl and Python to validate incoming and outgoing data fields
  • Development cycle improvements
    • Introduced test driven development for Perl and Python projects
    • Source control with Git and Bitbucket

Sr. Level Software Engineer, Design to Tapeout Automation

Global Foundries
Essex Junction, VT March 2017 – June 2019

Relevant Skills

  • python
  • perl
  • c++
  • bash
  • ksh
  • aix
  • lsf
  • mysql
  • markdown


  • Instrumental in porting legacy semiconductor design validation ksh scripts from IBM AIX systems to Global Foundries Linux servers
    • Refactoring all ksh validation scripts to use LSF distributed high performance computing in place of LoadLeveler
    • Decoupled ksh scripts from the AIX Andrews File System to be compatible with Global Foundries linux systems
    • Saves the company millions of dollars annually
  • Utilized Mentor Graphics Calibre application to access data in semiconductor design files
  • Published documentation generated by Doxygen using Bitbucket pipelines
  • Introduced markdown as the preferred documentation format which has been adopted by my teams and others at Global Foundries
  • Convinced my teams to migrate from RCS and CVS to Git and coached them though the transition
  • Designed a system to audit changes in configuration and health of compute clusters in USA, Germany and Singapore
  • Porting cluster job management software from Perl to Python
    • Designed and implemented a MySQL interface for communicating with the python LSF queue manager application
    • Developed a declarative python configuration system
  • Wrote a Python runtime dependency test system so that long running processes can fail fast
  • Wrote a C++ authentication helper app supported by Googletest framework
  • Collaboration with admins in Dresden, Singapore and the US
    • Wrote a script to monitor health and configuration change in compute clusters in Germany, Singapore and US
    • When problems were detected, I worked with admins to solve them

Network Engineer

ClearBearing, Inc.
Essex Junction, VT May 2016 – March 2017

Relevant Skills

  • monitoring
  • linux
  • sys-admin


  • Monitored remote sensors across New England using a distributed network of nagios servers
  • Linux system management
  • Public and Private Cloud Server administration
  • Web, database, and load balancing cluster maintenance

Senior Cloud Administrator

OpenTempo, Inc.
Williston, VT April 2015 – February 2016

Relevant Skills

  • aws
  • rds
  • ec2
  • elastic-ip
  • ssh


  • Supported java infrastructure for company's flagship product
  • Developed a cloud infrastructure audit system; instrumental in achieving SOC 1 compliance
    • Monitored production and pre-production systems for configuration and security related changes
    • Facilitated a weekly system health and security audit
  • Responsible for a daily monitoring, report analysis, log analysis and issue escalation
    • Scripted tools to automate server data collection
    • Created a tool to generate a network topology map, by automatically discovering servers in the AWS cloud
  • Maintained and Operated a Chef/Ruby/Opsworks based cloud infrastructure
    • 20-25 Amazon Linux EC2 Instances, backed by 8-10 RDS Postgres database instances deployed with Elastic IP
    • Improved and simplified system admin team documentation, security and automation
      • ssh connection credentials
      • server addresses
      • permission related tool sharing

Software Developer

Laureate Learning Systems, Inc.
Winooski, VT May 1990 – September 2014

Relevant Skills

  • xslt
  • xml
  • bash
  • c
  • git
  • assembly
  • apple-soft-basic
  • mm-director


  • Wrote speech-language development software in many programing languages for multiple platforms
  • Coordinated with developers and artists to organize the delivery of multimedia assets
  • Designed and implemented an API for communication between Flash assets and Adobe Director for Laureate software
  • Apple Developer Program Team Agent; managing certificates, app ids, devices, provisioning profiles
  • Wrote DLLs in C to provision custom windows language development workstations
  • Automation with XML XSLT transformations
    • Product installers and CD-ROM masters
    • Email newsletter
    • Website update
    • Site map
    • RSS feed

Ground Operations Agent

PEOPLExpress Airlines
Dulles, VA & Newark, NJ 1985 – 1986

Relevant Skills

  • airline-ops


  • Flight support
    • Ordered Jet A fuel for outbound flights
    • Provided pilots with flight plans
  • Passenger support
    • Managed oversold flights
    • Checked in passengers
    • Boarded flights
    • Helped passengers with tight connecting flights

Military Experience

3rd Infantry Drummer

U.S. Army Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, Presidential Escort
Ft. Myer, VA 1982 – 1985

Relevant Skills

  • rudimental-drumming
  • ceremonies
  • parades


  • Musical duties
    • Performed for arrival ceremonies at the White House
    • Traveled around the country performing for various parades and other events
    • Received an Army Commendation Medal for collaborating with a colleague writing drum solos
  • Other duties
    • Participated in the ceremony for the internment of the Vietnam War Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery
    • Predawn "flags-in" tradition each Memorial Day in Arlington National Cemetery with the 3rd Infantry battalion
  • Security clearance: secret


University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 1987 – 1990

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: German

George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 1985 – 1986

  • Major: Computer Science